Laser Installation

After purchasing your laser system, you may need a professional system installation with integration into your existing network.  However, please contact us to schedule a site survey beforehand to determine FSO's feasibility in your particular application.    

Key Benefits

  • In-depth Knowledge of all Flight Family LED/Laser Systems
  • Pre-sales Applications Engineering to Determine Feasibility/Costs
  • Post-sales Worldwide Installation and Integration Services 

Technical Service Capabilities

Personnel willing to travel anytime, anywhere...  

Multilingual staff of engineers and technicians. 

Trained on specific Flight Family products, and others...  

Flight Family systems, as well as legacy systems supported. 

Electrical and fiber optic cabling where none exists...  

All Flight Family systems require electrical power and fiber to be in place which can be arranged under the terms of the installation agreement. 

Reference Accounts

References available on request. 

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